Easy Steps For How To Disable CMD On Your System
At first, we want to tell you about what is CMD? The main meaning of CMD is command line interpreter (CLI) to execute commands and variously operates through this interface. The operation is mainly implemented through the Windows 32 console. Early time the same thing is coming with the name DOS. Here we will show… (0 comment)

Send Request Even You Are Blocked On Facebook
How to send request even if someone is blocked is one of the most searched topic for a long time. Most people want to know about it. The blocked issue may occur due to several reasons. In this article, we will go to discuss why people get blocked and how to send request even if… (0 comment)

How Can You Shut Down A Computer Forever
Nowadays Computer became one of the parts of our life. It is one of the easiest ways to get our work done not only that it also used in communicating purpose, for writing articles, drawing, presenting PowerPoint presentation etc. The computer can do everything easily and works faster than anything else. The computer helps us… (0 comment)

The Best Way To Protect Your System From Virus
A virus is a code that can affect your system and as a result you with malfunction into your computer system. The virus can come in contact with your system through online as well as offline. We have all heard about the hackers and their capability for hacking into your system. Their main weapon which… (0 comment)