Change FB Language Into Hackers Language

Change FB Language Into Hackers Language
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The term hacking usually means to break a code, so here to change the Facebook language into hackers language one must know how to code and how to break a code. If one knows to break a code then only he or she might be able to do hacking. Let us now discuss Hackers language, there are three types of hacking language which were known as Reverse Engineering, Exploit Writing and Web Hacking. To change Facebook language to Hackers language you must have to know or learn web hacking. Websites were developed using mostly HTML, PHP and JavaScript so you must have to learn all these programming languages.

Change facebook language

Facebook uses Hack (Programming language) for the Hip Hop Virtual Machine, introduced by Facebook as a dialect of PHP. The frontend of Facebook is written in PHP and runtime is Hip Hop for PHP and JavaScript which is running on user’s browsers. The backend part is written in C Programming language. So to hack Facebook hacker have to break both frontend and backend code of Facebook. Online programs give the opportunity to change FB language to hackers language online without downloading any program. Let us know discuss a number of ways to change FB language to hackers language.

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Steps to change FB language to Hackers language

Follow the following steps to change the FB setting to change it to Hackers language:

  • First, you have to Login to your Facebook account
  • Now go to the account setting
  • In Account Setting in Language setting click edit
  • Now select the ‘Leet Speak’ from the drop-down menu and click
  • ‘Save Changes’.
  • Now you can see the Hacker’s Language on your Facebook account

Different process to hack FB account:-

Key Logger: Using Key Logger software tool hacker can record keystrokes from a computer and mobile devices. In any operating systems, keyloggers can be installed as application software to track keystrokes. Hardware keylogger software is also available which is known as physical keyloggers. Keylogger is attached to a USB port to record everything before it sends the keyboard data to the desktop or mobile devices. Hacker is able to read the keylogger logs and can view Facebook password and any sensitive information typed.

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Phishing: Phishing is a technique to hack FB passwords. With little technical knowledge, one can easily hack FB account. Phishing creates a duplicate copy of Facebook web pages with intention of stealing important sensitive information. It creates a page which is a duplicate of Facebook Login page but the URL will not be the same.


Social Engineering: Social Engineering is a common technique to hack a Facebook account which doesn’t require much knowledge of this method. Social Engineering gathers a lot of information about someone like his/her mobile number, date of birth, nickname, native place etc. At the time od reset password, Facebook asks for Security Question, such as :

What is your nickname?

What is your native place?

If the hackers have all those information about any Facebook user can easily hack his/her account by choosing to forget Password option.

Browser Extension Hacker: Browser Extension hacker doesn’t provide hacker the complete information or access to any users account but indirectly it gives some power to control users account. It works when a user visits malicious web pages and if the user installs those browser add-ons. All tasks will be performed as described by the hackers language who created it.Posting users status on the Facebook Wall, like a page, following a person or join a Facebook group etc.

Malicious Hacking: A Malicious Hacking will do all kind of spam work on users Facebook account. Malicious Hacking is done by sending requesting user permission to access, once the user gives access to it hacking can be easily done. Whenever a Facebook user makes login to a third-party website using Facebook login which is not owned by Facebook. The user will have to click Login using Facebook with requested permission details. As soon as the user clicks an okay button it will allow accessing all personal information to the hacker.

malicious hacking

Browser Vulnerabilities: Vulnerabilities can be exploited using a browser of an older version. Vendor browser is patched by zero days and once it is reported by the researchers across the globe. Android 4.4 web view is affecting Android is one vulnerability named as Android Chrome SOP bypass.

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Trojan Horses: Trojan Horses is used to spy and control a PC by misleading the user. Trojan Horses uses malicious coding to operate which is known as Remote Key Logger. Key Logger records keystrokes of any PC and sends it to hacker Online. With the help of Trojan Horses software a simple pdf file also might contain Trojan, it runs in the backward process. TrojanHorses can be sent in the form of any media like a website, pen drive or email. Trojan records Facebook password that the victim typed and will send it to the Facebook hacker by using the Internet.

Facebook Zero Day: Zero Day Vulnerabilities is a security Vulnerabilities which is unknown. It is very rare. Around the globe, the securities researchers participates a program named bug bounty. Zero Day Vulnerabilities were known to only two type of people, the Bug hunters, and Researchers. These people were responsible to disclose vulnerabilities to any software vendors. Zero-day Vulnerabilities were hacked by Black hat hackers and they don’t disclose it to Facebook and they use it for personal benefits.

Zero day

This articles will help hackers or readers to have an idea about how to change FB language to hackers language. This page also has provided how FB hacking can be done. We have discussed several process and methods how to change FB language to hackers language. Hope this article helps you to know about the process and overview about website hacking. And technically speaking about the programming languages used for frontend and backend to developed Facebook. To be a good hacking someone much learns all these programming languages and also know how to break the code. Please give us feedback.

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