Check If Your PC Used In Your Absence | Simple Tutorial

Check If Your PC Used In Your Absence | Simple Tutorial
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All of the users generally save their personal data in their PC. But sometimes it has been found that due to some reasons we need to give our PC to others for use it on a temporary basis. It may be due to some official, business, study, etc. purposes. Depending on this situation we always feel insecure while we have given our PC to them. But don’t think that there is no solution for this problem. As there are many processes available through which we can able to check that what he/she have accessed in our PC during the period of absence. Depending on that we are going to discuss how you can check if your PC used in your absence.

No need to worry about the process as they are very much simple to apply on your system. Even they will almost help you to know that what they have viewed in your system at that period of time. Some peoples generally deleted the history also after completing the work. But through this process, you can completely get to know what they have done actually in your absence. Let’s start to know about those processes from the points given here.

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The Processes to check if your PC used in your absence:

There are varieties of processes through which a user can able to check that what actually a user has done in absence of administrator. So follow the process and learn how to check it correctly. If you want then apply the same on your PC too.

1. Using the simple command: Using the “simple command” the first process through which user can get know about the events happened on his/her PC during the absence.  The step to follow for a run the command is that:

using simple command

  • At first click on the Start button of your PC.
  • Now type the keyword Run and hit or press the Enter button.
  • The search result will start to show where you will get the run command window icon.
  • Click on that icon to open the command box.
  • Now type the command msc and press Enter.
  • The new Event viewer window will open and on the left pane of the Window you need to choose the System
  • Once you click on it, the whole event history will be displayed with the date as well as with time too.

2. Using Recent Places: The process through which you can check what others have used on your PC in absence is “Recent Places”.  This is the very simple process which can able to apply by every user like beginners as well as advanced too. Follow the steps to apply this process on your PC.

  • At first, you need to open My Computer or you can simply press Windows + E button simultaneously.
  • Thus the new file explorer window will open on your screen.
  • Click on the Recent Places option which is present on the left top side of your File Manager Screen. Or you can also choose from Favourites>>Recent Places.
  • The whole history of the current logs with time and date will start to display on your screen.
  • Thus it will provide you the total access paths which the user has accessed in your absence in this PC.

use recent places

3. Using Browser History: If somebody is using your internet connection on your PC, that also can be able to check easily. Sometimes it is found that some clever users generally deleted the browser history after completing the task. In that time it is not possible to trace the browser history.

To check the browsing history generally you can follow the steps given below.

  • At first open your installed browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, UC Browser etc.
  • Now go to the menu or the option whatever it is present on the right top corner of your browser and choose History option. Thus the whole history of browsing will start to display on your PC.
  • Otherwise, you can directly press Ctrl + H together by opening any of the browsers. Thus directly the history page of your browser will display the task which he/she has performed in your absence.

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check the history of the browser

4. Using Auto screen Recorder: Automatic screen recorder software is available for Windows PC as well as for MacBook too.  You can simply schedule the time in the screen recorder program and keep it on your PC.

While the user will start to use your PC in your absence the software programme will start according to its scheduled time and it will record the task whatever he/she have performed on your PC. That’s all after that the video will save in the preferred folder of your system and you can view it afterward to check completely.

So these are all the process which will help you to check if your PC used in your absence.  Besides these processes, some other may available but according to user need, these all are the best and useful methods to check your PC. If you have your own idea and process then also can you can go through them definitely. Otherwise, you can definitely go through the process discussed above with you all.  If you are satisfied then try them once.

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