Disable USB Port In PC | Simple And Easy Trick

Disable USB Port In PC | Simple And Easy Trick
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USB or Universal Serial Bus can be defined as a connection that is used to connect a computer with other devices. It connects various peripheral devices with the computer. It was made with the goal to make a connection with computers fundamentally easier. It replaced the multitude of connectors at the back of the pcs. It made a drastic change in the field of computer. It is also used to connect hardware to the computer.

disable USB port

Hardware such as printers, scanners, keyboards, etc. which include desktops, tablets, laptops, etc. it is widely used apart from this hardware too. This technology is now days used in gaming console too. So USB is a greatly advanced technology which eased the workload. But there is some weak point of it too. One needs to ensure that this technology is used safely. One can manipulate it and may cause some bad out of it.

USB solved many our issues regarding connecting a device with the computer. But one has to be highly concerned regarding its safe use. Because you only have to ensure that your computer and data in it are safe. As using USB port, one can steal any data from one computer without permission. This is a high point of concern for all. It reduces confidentiality of any data. This unauthorized access needs to be stopped immediately. Not only steal data, but one can even damage your computer by authorized accessing of the USB port. And one should give a good amount of time to ensure that.

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Here had shown some tricks by which you can disable USB port in PC. The tricks are very much interesting and easy. And its implementation is very much simple. So you carefully go through the instructions for a better result. Hence protect your computer from authorized access by strangers. This will also ensure confidentiality of your data in the computer.

How to disable USB port on PC:

As discussed earlier that USB can be used to manipulate your computer. It a high risk to keep your computer in hand of a stranger. They can steal all confidential data in your computer which you would be fully unaware of it. So you need to ensure that you have protected your computer illegal accessing.  Here had shown tricks by which you can protect your computer from those. It will prevent those to access your computer through the USB port. These tricks will disable USB port in PC and hence will stop them accessing your computer at your absence. Carefully go through the instructions for a better result.

Through BIOS setup

BIOS setup

  • First of all, you need to enter into the BIOS setup window. Because you will control of enabling and disabling the port of your computer.
  • After entering into BIOS setup, you have to check the enable/disable USB port in the menu. You can easily find it the main screen of BIOS setup window.
  • Then you have to ensure that you had checked the box for disabling USB port and USB options. It will let your USB port into your computer gets disabled.
  • After that, you need to click on save to save the changes you made and then click exit. Or instead, you can even click on f10 for exiting.
  • After that, you need to reboot your computer. And hence you will find USB port on your computer has been disabled.

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Disabling USB directly in Windows

  • In case you find that your BIOS setup is unable to disable the USB port completely then you need to follow further the following instructions. The steps given here will edit the windows registry. You need to be cautious that you don’t change any values which will hamper the functioning of the window. The steps are easy, and this will ensure that your USB port on your computer is disabled fully.
  • First of all, you need to click on the run in your window start button. This will let a run or search box to get opened.
  • Then by typing regedit in the Run or Search box, you need to open window registry option.
  • After that, you need to go to the Registry editor, and hence open the below folder after that.
  • Then in USBSTOR folder, you need to locate the StartDWORD and then double-click “Start” to edit the value. In the editing window you need to change the value to “4, ” and after that, you need to click Ok.
  • Once completed the task you need to close the Registry editor. This will ensure the USB port in the window gets disabled.

Alternative way to disable USB

USB disabled in Windows PC

It’s very tough to disconnect the USB ports from a motherboard. But it is very much easy to disconnect it from the front or top of the computer. You can do that by disconnecting the cable from the USB header.

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So disconnecting USB ports won’t let anyone access your computer through USB ports without your permission. It’s a serious thing which one should give much attention regarding it. So disconnecting the USB ports is effective in preventing users from unauthorized access to your computer. Another alternative is where you can disable the USB port in some motherboards. In some motherboards, they may also have jumpers which can be used to disable USB.


Hence our computer holds lots of data in itself. Some are very much confidential which need to be protected. One needs to ensure its full safety. They need to ensure that unauthorized users do not access their computers.  As USB Port is common and easiest way to connect a device to the computer, it is can too be used to steal data. Hence one cannot leave this thing accessible at their absence. So they need to give a good time of concern on it. The only way by which they can ensure the safety remains intact is to disable it. Above shown some tricks of how you can effectively disable USB port in PC. Follow the methods carefully and hence make your computer safe.

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