Five Basic Method For Learn Hacking Device

Five Basic Method For Learn Hacking Device
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Instead of jumping to the five basic methods to learn to hack let’s first discuss what is Hacking? Hacking is the one that identifies the weakness in computer systems or networks to take advantage of the weaknesses. Hacking means for using a computer for privacy invasion, stealing personal data etc.

Nowadays everyone wants to become a hacker but to become a hacker is not that much easy that you are thinking of? Hacking is of two kinds one is Unethical and the other one is Ethical. If you are a beginner and want to learn hacking then it will be the suggestion for you to learn Ethical hacking which is completely legal.

learn hacking

If you want to learn hacking but do not know the method to learn then this post is going to help you in learning.  We have discussed the ways to learn to hack below take a look at the below steps to be a hacker.

Best ways to learn Hacking:

To be a hacker you will need to know some basic ways. Below we have discussed some of the best ways to learn Hacking follow the steps below to get further information.

First of all to be hackers begin with the basics:

If you do not have any ideas or knowledge of hacking then it will be better for you to start with basic learning steps. You can begin your learning process from the topics as a network port, firewalls, and computer network and also with common network protocols like IP address, FTP, DNS, HTTP, and much more. If you want then you can also begin with operating systems like Linux, it is one of the essential fields of hacking.

The second way is to find a good source to start learning:

If you have little bit knowledge of hacking then it will be better if you find good sources from many books to learn to hack. There are many books which will help you to learn hacking but among that we have provided one good source of a book named as Hacking Secrets Exposed. This book will easily help you to get ideas or knowledge about hacking. Follow it and try to understand every step.

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Third ways are to learn to programme:

Programming is something which you must know while hacking. You might find many readymade tools and programs but among them, it will be better if you have basic knowledge of programming languages like PHP, and JavsScript to develop tools and exploit codes of your own.

learn programing

These are the three ways that you must know to become a hacker Learn the ways given above. Hope you have gained some knowledge of the above ways. Now if you want to try some hacking basic tricks for learning then do not forget to scroll it down to know the steps.

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Five Basic methods for to learn to hack:

Below we are going to provide five easy methods which will help you to learn to hack. Take a look at these steps.

First, take all safety measures to hide from target:

To hide yourselves from target follow the tricks below:

  • First of all, use Ip software, it will help to hide your Ip address.
  • Next use firewall to get secure your computer also it will help you to restrict personal information without going in outside.
  • Proxy server- it will help to surf your computer of your target.
  • Also, you can hack by using others username and password.


Second methods is to find out the IP address of target computer:

IP address stands for Internal Protocol Address. Internet protocol the ways in which one and other computer talks to each one in internet and protocol mean the ways of talking computer and the full meaning of Ip address is an address which helps the computer to talk to another computer with the help of internet. It has two important things see it below.

There are two important things of Ip address which you must know:

  • It is unique for every computer.
  • And it needs every time to connect with internet.

You can use Ip address for hacking. Without knowing the Ip address you will not be able to move forward to access in targeting computer.

Third methods to gather information about target computer such as time, date, operating systems :

  • To gather the information you will need to know weaknesses of the target computer and you will need to take advantage of the weaknesses and gain more knowledge to exploit it.
  • Use this tool to get help while gathering knowledge such as Telnet, DNS Query, tracert, port scan.

gather information

Fourth methods to learn to hack:

Use a search engine to get the tools which will help to hack to target computer. A search engine like Google and then start using vulnerability tools on google.com. Now start downloading special tools to get Ip address to the target computer and get easy access to another computer.

Fifth methods to learn Hacking:

In these methods, you will need to leave one or two files which will help you to get access easily on your target computer for further use. And to get access repeatedly hackers will usually need to leave files on their target computer. For example Net cat this will allow the hackers to get easy access repeatedly.

These are five basic methods that you need while hacking. If you are learning for the first time and do not know the procedure of how to do it then the above post will help you in that. We have provided simple steps use it to get started in hacking and be the good hacker.

Above we have provided one of the simplest ways to learn to hack. If you are the beginner and do not know any ideas and knowledge about hacking then this post will help you with the steps given above. Follow the steps by steps procedure to know the basic methods for to learn to hack. Be the good hacker and start hacking. Hope you enjoyed reading the post if you have any queries do share with us.

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