Best Method To Get back your Deleted Message from Facebook

Best Method To Get back your Deleted Message from Facebook
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Facebook is one of the ways where we stay connected with our friends by texting, sharing status, pictures, etc. not only that it also helps us to get important news, work messages and many things. Facebook is the one whom millions of people prefer to use because it is faster and easier to communicate.

While using Facebook if you have mistakenly deleted the important message like work details and others valuable messages from your loved ones and feeling frustrated for losing it then flew away from your frustrations by getting back the messages.

recover Facebook deleted message

If you are unaware of getting back your deleted messages then here in this post, we are going to provide some of the methods which will help you to get back your deleted message from Facebook. If you have lost your memorable messages mistakenly then be ready to use the methods which we are going to provide using this method and stay away from frustration. See the below post to get some methods.

Some three ways to get back your Deleted Message from Facebook

Below we are going to provide some simple three parts of methods through which you will easily get back your deleted messages from Facebook.

First part to regain deleted Facebook messages with File Explorer App

You may sound unfamiliar with the principle that Facebook follows is off the internet. Through this principle of Facebook, you will get another copy of your same messages which you have wrongly deleted on your device. If you want to recover your deleted message, then follow the simple steps given below.

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Here are the steps to recover deleted a message:

  • The first thing you will need to do is to download File Explorer for your Android devices. After downloading open it to explore folders to your SD card.


  • After opening the File Explorer App go to your SD card and search for Android Folder.
  • The Android folder is one of the folders that contain all the data related applications.
  • Tap on that Android folder to enter, after entering to it you will see the data folder on your screen tap on it to enter again.

cache files of faebook

  • In this Data, you will get all the folders that are related to applications. Here you will see many folders related Facebook from there find written “com.facebook.orca” tap on it.
  • After entering to it start taping to another folder Cache under this, you will find “fb_temp” here you will get all the backup files which have automatically saved by facebook messenger.
  • Now you can get back easily your deleted messages on your device.

Above we have given some simple steps for your Android device which will help you to get your deleted message easily. If you want, then you can see also another way to recover your deleted message by connecting your phone memory to your computer USB. Follow the same step given above but keep a note to access the fb_temp folder.

Second part of recovering Facebook Messages from Archive message

Here is another way of recovering the message. Archive message helps in protecting messages, and it’s easy to use. You can use it on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and on the Facebook website too.

To use this Archive message follow the steps below:

  • First, open your recently conversational lists from your Messenger app and then start selecting the one that you want to keep in Archive Message by tapping long press to get the windows pops up shown with an option.

action in Facebook

  • From that Windows pops up select Archive and your messages will automatically move to archive message.
  • Later if you want to unarchive, then you can go to your archive message whenever you need.

It was one of the simple steps which will help you to get back your messaging by keeping it in Archive message. Start keeping your important messages to Archive message before you wrongly delete it.

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Third part to regain deleted message from downloaded archive

Above you have archived the messages to keep it safe and secure but if later on, you want to view the messages then have a look at the steps given below to get it.

Here are the steps to view the messages from archive message:

  • First, you will need to log in to the Facebook account.
  • After logging it go the Account setting by clicking it from the screen.
  • Now after account setting starts clicking on “Download a copy of your Facebook Data” from the bottom.
  • After that, you will see the page what you have shared on Facebook click on “Start My Archive.”

Start archiving in Facebook

  • Now Windows pops up will be shown on your screen as “Request My Download” it may take a little while for you to gather the information. Just click on the green button “Start My Archive” to get started.

request for download

  • After that, you will be shown a small dialog box with a downloading link below. Click on that link to get your Archive messages. To get done it may take few hours.
  • After that, it will ask you to re-enter your password, enter your password again before getting the Archive message and click on continue.
  • “Download Archive” button will be shown on your screen click on it to get the message and open the file name “index”  under that you will find many options click on “Message” file to get load your previous messages that you have kept in Archive.
  • Now you can quickly view the crucial messages from downloaded Archive.

Follow the steps if you want to view the messages that you have kept safely in Archive message.

If you want to get back your messages which you have mistakenly deleted, then the above post is going to help you. We have provided three parts of simple steps to recover your messages. The above post will help you to get save your message and later you will get to view it in Archive message. Hope the above post helped by giving information. If you have any queries regarding this, then please do share.

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