The Best Way To Hide Files with Commands

The Best Way To Hide Files with Commands
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Want to keep save your document files and Folder by hiding it from others but don’t know the process to hide then stick to this post to get further information about hiding files and folders on your PC. Here in this post, we will help you to hide files and folder by using Command Prompt. You may have hidden files and folders by using software but now try something different to hide with command.

hide folder using command prompt

Below we are going to provide the procedure of hiding files and folder by using the command prompt. If you do not know how to hide files with a command then stop worrying because this article is going to provide step by step procedure which will help you to hide your private files and folder easily. So what you are waiting for start scrolling down to know the process and start hiding your private files and folder.

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How to hide a file with commands in Windows:

Now you can hide your private files and folder from your friends, parents and family member by using command prompt in your windows. To know the step by step procedure for hiding your personal documents and other important folders follow the steps from below.

Steps to hide file and folder with commands:

  • First of all go to your window search the folder or file that you want to hide and then start 9selecting the address from Address Bar.

first step

  • After selecting the address from Address Bar tap right click on Address Bar you will see many options from that select on a copy.

second step

  • Now go to your start button and click on it.
  • After clicking on the start button you will see the options above from there select Run by clicking on it.

run program

  • Start typing cmd in the box and then click on ok from the bottom of the screen. Also, you can use the shortcut steps by clicking on Start>All programs>Accessories>Command Prompt.


  • After that starts typing attrib +s +h “XX” and then hit enter. XX will be the addresses of your file and folder, tap right click on it to select paste and start placing it.

program on CMD

These are the steps that will help you to hide your private files and folder. You have hidden your files and folder successfully but later if you want to unhide the folder and files then use the methods from the post given below.

How to use the method to unhide the folder or files:

From the above post we have learned how to hide the folders and file but now let’s learn another method to unhide it. We will give you some steps below which will help you to learn how to unhide files and folders. There are two ways to unhide check it out.

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 First ways to unhide files and folder:

first step of the cmd

  • You can directly use attrib command to unhide your files and folder.
  • Input attrib –s–h c:/XX
  • Now you can tap enter to get unhide files and folder.

Second ways to unhide files and folder:

second one

  • Here to unhide you can go directly to the disk directory in cmd and then start using the attrib command.
  • After that type e: to get the unhidden files and folder.
  • Now you can hit enter
  • After hitting on enter input attrib –s–h XX and press enter again.

These were the two methods to unhide your folder and files try it by following the above steps on your computer and start using. Above you have hidden the documents and file but after hiding it if you want to get it back later on then you can use the unhide steps.

Understand the codes that had been used above the post

To use the code you will need to understand it. So to know the definition of each code look at the post given below and start using it while hiding the file.

codes to hide the files

  • The code “+” means for setting the attribute.
  • The code “s” means to represents system file attribute.
  • The codes “h” it means the hidden file attribute.
  • The code “c:” means the drive letter.
  • The code “XX” means the file and folder name.
  • attrib helps the file and folder to change the attribute.

From the above code, only ‘+h’ attribute will help you to get your file and folder hidden so if you want to hide your folder and files on your computer use this code. After hiding if you want to view it then you can check it directly from your computer by typing the address of file with the help of the Addresses Bar. For example ‘c:/ XX’ type it in Addresses Bar and you will get to see the hidden files of yours that you have saved it safely.

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If you want to hide your private files and folder which you do not want to share with anyone on your windows then follow the above steps of articles and start hiding it not only that we also have provided the ways to unhide to. So for what you are waiting have fun and give it a try by hiding or unhide your file and folders with the steps using the command. Do share with your friends about this article let them also know to hide files by using the command.

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