How To Fix Wi-Fi Connection | The Best Way To Fix The Error

How To Fix Wi-Fi Connection | The Best Way To Fix The Error
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There are certain issues regarding the Wi-Fi internet connections and its router. Without the internet, the device like PC or Smartphones has become very useless. You cannot access to your favorite social media or any of the website for watching movies, videos or News. And once your Wi-Fi router shows the problem in the connection, you will not be able to use unless you repair it.

how to fix Wifi connection

Wi-Fi connections often get problems in providing internet connections. And once infected, the issues can stay for a very long time. You have to sort out soon with the problems to stay connected with the internet. To Fix Wi-Fi connection, you don’t have to hire the professionals. If you follow some basic steps as shown below, you can easily fix them.

Here below we have the complete tutorials and all the possible solution for fixing the Wi-Fi connection.

How to fix Wi-Fi Connection

For those who are facing a problem with the Wi-Fi Connection, follow the below-shown steps carefully. We have brought all the possible issues along with the solution. Hope this will help you fix the Wi-Fi connection.

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1. Power off/on the Wi-Fi router device

The first and foremost thing that you must check for the issue with the Wi-Fi connection is to power off and on it again. This will refresh all the minor issue lies within the device.

Check if the wired cable is correctly connected with the hardware. And also you should try to unplug and plugin the landline or broadband (wired connection). And switch on the router again.

2. Reset Your Wi-Fi Router

If the problem still exists, try resetting your router hardware.  There may be a problem in the equipment, so you should first reset the Router Wi-Fi device.


  • Take the Router Device and check at the back of the device where all the connection are located
  • Here in this section you will find the button RST
  • This is a small hole on which you have press using pin to restart or reset the Wi-Fi router

Once you have reset all the old password will be reset to the default one. And now use your old username and password printed on the package. And try to connect with the internet.

3. Connection Reset using the Admin Setting

Still got problems? Well now let us take you to more technical guides for fixing the Wi-Fi connections. In the admin setting and properties, the internet which is connected to your router or hardware is composed of IP address, IPV4, IPV6, Proxy, and DNS. Now check into all these properties manually and try fixing the errors which are causing a problem in connecting the internet.

connecting with the admin

To connect with the IP address property of admin setting, you have to connect the router device with your computer using the broadband cable. Once they are connected, now you have entered the local host address into the URL of your browser which can connect to the setting even if it is offline. This will redirect you to the configuration page of the router from which you can check and make changes in the IP address, DNS, gateway, Username, and password, etc.

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4. Change and reset the gateway

When all the hardware issue is clear, then there must be a problem on the internet. You can try fixing the internet (LAN) by adding new IP address or Gateway. To fix to follow the below-shown tutorials-

  • Go to the start button and search for the Run or simply press the Windows Key + R
  • This will open the Run command prompt
  • Type exe
  • This will open the IP address configuration of your computer where the internet is connected
  • Now you have to release the IP address and gateway. To make the change enter- ipconfig/release
  • Next, you have to enter the new IP address and to add type- ipconfig/renew and press enter key. This will give you the new default IP Address and gateway.
  • Finally, you can go to the previous steps, i.e., in the Admin setting and configure the IP address and Gateway manually to fix the problems.

5. Try Troubleshooting Network

You can also allow your computer to solve the problem with the network issues. To open the troubleshoot problems, click on your network bar below in the tools bar. Just right click on your mouse, and you will find the troubleshoot option. Follow the instruction shown in the dialog box and allow the computer system to fix the Wi-Fi or network connection.

So are the complete details by which you can easily fix Wi-Fi Connection. There can be many other errors in the hardware and also internet connection. You can change and fix using the basic issue, but for entirely fixing the error, you have asked the service provider. The internet connection rather than hardware issue can only be fixed by the service provider of your network.

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