How To Get Anyone’s IP Address? Easiest & Best Tricks

How To Get Anyone’s IP Address? Easiest & Best Tricks
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How to get anyone’s IP address? IP address means the Internet Protocol address which is one of the logical identities against any website. But for the purpose of user comfortability, we generally use the domain name for any websites. The domain name is basically easy to remember by everyone. But the IP address is a little bit tough to remember as it only consists of numeric numbers only. Every system which is present in the source as well as destinations definitely contain the IP address. As we already told that this is one of the important identity for your PC in which network you are connected.

how to get someone's IP

Now here in this topic, we will tell you the process that how to get anyone’s IP address by following the actual techniques. Yes, if it is about techniques then there are many techniques available to get the IP address. But you just need to know the actual workable techniques through which you can able to get that particular IP address of any PC. Follow the text which we have mentioned here about the process how to get anyone’s IP address in a proper way.

Why do we need to get anyone’s IP address?

The IP address is created on anybody’s PC while they keep connecting with any of the modes of Network. With the help of this IP address and default gateway, the destination PC will get connect with us easily.

While we get to connect with other’s PC it is found that sometimes the hackers from the destination grabs all the information from our system. While we both connected to the same network, it becomes easy for them to hack another PC easily. Depending on this situation we need to get that PC’s IP address to trace or get the identity of that hacker.

In the next step, we will discuss the techniques that how to get anyone’s IP address in a proper way.

The Processes: How to get anyone’s IP address?

Now here we will show you the total three types of techniques which will definitely help you to get any one’s IP address. The techniques and steps are generally applicable for any Windows PC. All these methods are totally tested and applicable for your advantages.

Here we have listed and described the three ways to get anyone’s IP address using the preferred steps:

Mail IP Address: If you want to check the IP address against any mail which is a spam for you. Those emails generally send by the unknown users or hackers to your PC. The programming is created in such a way that while you open the mail, they can start to grab the information of your PC. So always try to ignore those emails. Now start knows the process to get Mail IP address of anyone.

  1. Suppose you have an account in Microsoft Outlook and you have received an unwanted email in your inbox.
  2. To start to investigate the IP address of the email which is sent to you, at first you need to open messages header.
  3. Open the message then click on Actions where you will find a drop-down list and click on Show Header details.
  4. Now you will get the IP address which you need to copy to the clipboard first.
  5. For GMAIL you need to open the message Click on More Action on the right top corner and choose Show Original. Copy the displayed IP address in the same way.
  6. Now paste that IP address in the internet tools like IP Look Up to check who the owner is or what is his identity in real life.

using the mail systems

Any Website IP Address: In this method, you will be able to know how to get anyone’s IP address from the Website domain. This is not so much complicated if you follow the correct process from the points given below. Let’s have a look at those specific steps given below.

  1. At first, the user needs to open the command prompt software on their PC. To open CMD, click on start button and search with keyword Command Prompt.
  2. After opening the command prompt console you need to ping the site by writing the command “ping domain name”. If you want to ping Facebook then you need to write “ping facebook.com” and the hit ENTER button.
  3. That’s all the whole details will automatically start to display on the CMD panel. From there you can check the IP address including the amount of packet sent and loss during the time of ping.
  4. Repeat this process for finding the IP of any websites.

using the ebsite IP address

Using Traceroute: Another best and easy way to find out the IP address is Traceroute. This is the way which will show you the path of the IP address easily. The process may take some moments to grab all the information and display the data on your panel. So have a look on the steps to using the Traceroute command in Command Prompt.

  1. Similarly, as we tell you before the process to open the Command Prompt panel you need to open it first.
  2. After opening the CMD panel type the code tracert IP Address (e.g.: tracert10.1.1) and hit Enter – for Windows only. And for UNIX, Linux, Mac you need to type the code Traceroute IP address (e.g.: Traceroute and hit Enter button.
  3. That’s all the data will start to display accordingly.


That’s all about the steps how to get anyone’s IP address with information easily. These all are the proper steps which we will help you for how to get someone IP address easily. All of these methods are professional and easy to use, so you can choose any of the steps. So these are all about how you can hack someone’s IP address easily, if you are having any doubts regarding any of these steps then you can comment us below. Stay subscribed to know more tech tricks

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