How to Turn On Your PC Less Than 10 sec?

How to Turn On Your PC Less Than 10 sec?
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PC booting is really an issue faced by almost every PC users. During a conference call when you need to have a quick watch over a file of your last client meeting in order to have a reference then waiting for your PC to get started and watching it just like a zombie without any action and reaction to make is something really irritating. The booting wait really gets our nerves. So, is there any way out to solve the issue? Well yes, since this is the common problem faced by almost every PC users, the solutions are also widely available. In here, you will be delegated with the solutions to the question of How to Turn On Your PC Less Than 10 sec.

how to turn on your PC fastly

The booting gets slower due to many reasons. Yes, if you are facing any specified issue then you will surely get the targeted solutions when asked to Google. So, in here, I have provided you some most general ways to tackle the problem and get through it. The issue basically arises due to low RAM storage, the slow processor, the type of operating system, the storage capacity of your hard drive and lots more. Despite all such problems, there are some ways that make your computer to run really well and does not let you wait for more than ten seconds even. Scroll down the content below and get to explore the ideas energizing the booting power of your system.

How to Turn On Your PC Less Than 10 sec: The Effective Ones

So, here I have listed some of the really effective ways that boost up the speed of your system. The effective ways include – managing the programs which launch during the startup, starting using BIOS and some additional but advanced tweaks can also be followed.

1. Managing the Programs: Managing the programs installed is a must thing you should maintain for enjoying a faster boot. Open the Task Manager option by allowing a right click on the Start menu. Select only for those Startup tabs that you need to run 24/7. This in a way will manage the traffic while starting up the Windows and will encourage a really fast boot up. In the Task Manager, you have the provision to select and Disable the applications that you feel not in use. So, make the list clear with all necessary items instead of crowding out with unnecessary tabs.

managing programm properly


2. Using the BIOS: BIOS is something really great to be tried to increase the speed of the boot. The inbuilt software has the provision for making a configuration on adding additional drives, booting from CDs, enabling the WiFi or Bluetooth option and lots more. These configurations are necessary when you are using your system for the first time. But with time you get to have choices in adding and deducting aspects and thus can make the necessary configurations then too.

using BIOS works

You can also try certain tweaks to allow great booting of your device like – moving your boot drive into the position of First Boot Device. Also, disabling the booting devices that you do not use. Disabling the Quick Boot will overlook the system tests that were once necessary but not now. Also, disabling the unused hardware will opt for good booting power.  The last of course is the consistent update of the BIOS.

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3. Installing an SSD: Getting an SSD for your PC will for sure make the startup of your device great. But yes, SSD is a cost-effective product. You need to buy the SSD for storing purpose. But, the pleasing characteristics of SSD is that once you boot your PC using an SSD you really do not have to think about the booting speed of your system.

4. Adding More RAM: RAM is again a worth it feature for experiencing a faster booting power. RAM is the storage capacity of your system. It acts just like a human brain. The more you will pressurize it the slower will be the outcome. So, if your system is running out of short storage capacity, that is RAM then you must opt for some extra addition of RAM. This tricky tweak will definitely help the system of your device to release much pressure and focus on only fast 10 sec booting.

Adding more RAM

5. Upgrading the Operating System: Well, as already mentioned earlier, Operating System does matter a lot for performing a great boot. So, upgrade the level of your Operating System. With every advanced level comes the faster booting power of the system. So, if you are using an Operating System really backdated then advance it up with the new version available. As you must be knowing, Windows 8 is much faster than Windows 7  and Windows 10  much faster than Windows 8. So, upgrade your device’s  system with the advanced level of Operating System for enjoying a minimum of 10 secs boot.

updating Windows

6. Cut the Time Out Values: It might be the case that your system has been set up to dual bot type, for example – Windows and Linux. This is the case when you can configure the booting time and cut the timeout values. In most cases, the timeout value is set to 30 seconds. But for experiencing a great booting speed change it and lesser it up to 10 secs. Open the Run command box and type the command MSCONFIG. You can then click on the tab named Boot and change the value as desired.

So, these are the techniques best answered the question – How to Turn On Your PC Less Than 10 sec. Try and apply the BIOS one first and then the Task Manager option. One of these two will definitely serve your problem well. But, in case, you still face some issues after trying the above two then you can opt out for the rest techniques jolted. So, you have it all for giving tries. Feel free and enjoy the fastest booting experience ever experienced.

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