How To Make Undeletable Folder – Keep Important File Safe

How To Make Undeletable Folder – Keep Important File Safe
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Our system holds a lot of important files that cannot be mixed up with any other files. Separately maintaining those files in a folder is no doubt easy. But, what if we delete that folder by chance? To prevent such situations, are there any techniques to be applied. Well, yes, there is such a technique that allows you to keep the folder safe and secure from that sudden mistaken deletion. So, in here, I will be delegating you the way on How to Make Undeleted Folder on your system. With the known steps you can now feel free to put items in the recycle bin of your PC.

folder undeletable

In addition, the folder cannot be renamed too. So, this makes the safety and security tighter. You do not have to remember the different file locations. A single located folder will be enough for you to maintain the name. Also, there is no chance of any mistakenly renaming the folder in any case. So, here are the ways which if followed will surely help you out in neither deleting nor renaming your desired important folder.

How to Make Undeletable Folder: The Steps of Concern

Well, the steps start with the Command Prompt and it is the shortcut and hassle-free way to perform any configuration on your system.

With changing the administrative password to manage an undeletable folder, everything can be controlled and maintained using Command Prompt, commonly known as CMD. So, let us get back to the later query, where will you get it and how will the further procedure occur.

make undeleteable folder

  • Go to the Start menu of your PC and then click Open button, in the Search Box type CMD and click on the Magnifying icon in order to search the program.
  • One thing you need to keep in mind that, the folder that you have created must not be in any rooted directory like C. This means that the undeleted folder should stay in the non-rooted drives like D, E, F etc. C drive is excluded because the Windows as an operating software have been installed and kept there.
  • Open the Control Prompt and type “E:” excluding the inverted commas and then click on the Enter button. Now on the next line type “md con\” excluding the inverted commas (Here md stands for Make Directory) after you are done hit on Enter.
  • Now, you must be wondering what is the motive behind the use of “con” here. You might have copied the desired files of the folder in other places rather than the folder itself. So, the con command will make the files to get transferred to the desired folder saved in drive E of your system.


Now comes the checking time, as said already, you must have created the folder in drive E. Open the drive and search out for the folder you have created as undeletable. Select the folder and tap on the Delete option from the keyboard. Or, put a right click on the folder and select the Delete option from the list appeared. The folder ill not be deleted from your PC, as you have changed all the settings.

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How to Make Undeletable Folder: Steps to Delete the Undeletable Folder

The above section is all about how to make an undeletable folder on your system. For some additional information, here below I have also provided the steps which are followed to trash down the undeletable file even.

undeleteable folder

  • Go to the Start menu. There you will find the Search Box. Again type CMD for Command Prompt and click on the magnifying glass icon.
  • The PC will search for the Command Prompt. Once it gets appeared type “E:” excluding the inverted commas. Hit Enter.
  • This must then follow typing the next command “rd con\” excluding the inverted commas. Here rd stands for Remove Directory. Once typed tap on Enter.

The desired folder is deleted. The only thing that you need to take care of is the code to be inserted correctly in the Command Prompt or CMD. Once you have done so the undeletable file or folder will surely get deleted.

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Well, this is your little secret and mode of handling your own computer. Thus, knowing such functions are surely important to demand your computer as your PC. This is all about How to Make Undeletable Folder and the additional knowledge regarding how to delete it. So now use this tricks to keep your file or folder safe on your PC and from other too.

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