How Can You Shut Down A Computer Forever
Nowadays Computer became one of the parts of our life. It is one of the easiest ways to get our work done not only that it also used in communicating purpose, for writing articles, drawing, presenting PowerPoint presentation etc. The computer can do everything easily and works faster than anything else. The computer helps us… (0 comment)

Disable USB Port In PC | Simple And Easy Trick
USB or Universal Serial Bus can be defined as a connection that is used to connect a computer with other devices. It connects various peripheral devices with the computer. It was made with the goal to make a connection with computers fundamentally easier. It replaced the multitude of connectors at the back of the pcs.… (0 comment)

Make Nameless Or Invisible Profile In Facebook
Facebook is one of the most popular and best messaging apps where you can stay connected with your friends by texting, uploading photos, commenting, by giving likes etc. Millions of people use Facebook by downloading it but all might not be aware of some tricks to make nameless or invisible profile name. If you are… (0 comment)
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