Paul Billygraham Reang, One Of The Youngest Blogging STARS Of India.

Paul Billygraham Reang, One Of The Youngest Blogging STARS Of India.
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Dreams can come true. Aspirations can never die when your Dreams are far bigger than your obstacles. The success journey would not have begun if at all Mr. Paul Billygraham Reang didn’t have some back subject during 3rd semester at NIT Agartala in the year 2012. He fell sick and couldn’t attend all exams of that semester. By the way he cleared all those back subjects in time. But he wanted to do something BIG in his life that would relieve his father Er. Nilonjoy  Reang ,Senior Manager in TSECL to financially support him.  Mr. Paul was told by somebody in the year 2013 May that something can be earned if ventured in to websites or Internet business. So he goggled out and typed how to earn money without investment in online. Whatever surfaced in the Google was beyond what he could understand or comprehend. There was an outdated desktop in his father’s quarter at Malancha  Niwas Govt qtr. room no 63. He requested his father to buy for him a website where he could learn and practice. Thus his father arranged for him to buy a website with an amount of Rs.8750/- . After that he never went to NIT again to complete his graduation in electrical branch.

The name of the first website that Mr. Paul Billygraham gave was 9Billry.com. Mr. Paul worked very hard the first 9 days and  posted 149 nos of different articles like motors, bikes, cell phone etc. hoping that people will visit his website and thus improve the traffic in his website. He worked full time in his passion for developing blogs (web site) more than 15 hours daily without much guidelines, expertise or knowledge. In this process he experienced uncountable failures.Professional blogging is something very new in the North Eastern States of India.

Ultimately after a long struggle of 11 months, he sold his first website @ 13000/- and finally in the month of April 2014 he opened another website named: www.chrometechny.com which is now one of the very much popular web sites of India. By that time his intention was not to make money any more but to help and share others who wanted to make a website. In that month itself he earned his first earning of Rs.4500/- and the earning kept going high remarkably. The content of chrometechny.com was so popular that an American blogger offered him 50 lacs to buy the aforesaid website. Mr Paul Billygraham refused to sell so and realized the magic potential of his website

From a small room of a quarter of Malancha Niwas, Agartala Tripura, to a rented apartment at MB Tilla. A plastic table and few chairs were his only assets/investments. But challenges never left him. Two of his first associates out of the four left him and he was left in disdain. Then he had to leave that rented apartment which he used as office and started working from his father’s quarter again. When relatives came to his house, he used to get lots of free advises of discouragement but he never moved away from his aspiring DREAM. He never listened to those Dream stealers. Many a times he walked away from his room and entered later after confirming that those guests are gone. Mr Paul again regrouped and started working from a rented apartment at Circuit house and after few months some of his associates left him again prejudging that there is no career in it in future. His parents than advised him to start his class at NIT again for the third  year.  Finding no other ways to satisfy his parents, he said yes but didn’t go to NIT at all. He was devastated but did not give up living up to his DREAM.

Today he has shifted to a new well furnished and spacious building on top floor of the building where Vijaya Bank is situated at Gurkha Basti, Agartala Tripura. Mr. Paul  has more than 50 nos of employees working under him today. His office is a worth seeing which is under a very friendly and standard official accommodation of Rs.46000/- monthly rent. The walls of his office speaks his hard work and dedication with full of positive quotations all over significantly. All the employees are in a joyous mood and don’t like to go home even after 6 PM. The work culture is so awesome that everyone works as a team. The highest paid employee gets a salary of Rs.40,000/-(Rupees Forty thousand) only. It is to mention here that 10(ten) more employees are attached under him outside the state working online every day. The qualifications of the employees’ ranges from Matric pass out to Phd degree. We asked him a question regarding selection criteria to work in Chrometechny.com .Mr Paul brilliantly replied that degree is not a criteria but one should know the subject. Today we took this opportunity to write this success story of a rising Star which was untold and unfold.Team Meetings

A humble fellow, down to earth from a disciplined , courteous, and religious Christian middle class family, an NIT drop out, but with a good academic school background is rising as an upcoming symbolic image of all great dropout personalities of the world such as;  Steve Jobs, Sandeep  Maheswary, Bill gates etc. A young lad full of tremendous leadership who guides and leads from the front.Whom all the members of the Chrometechny private ltd enjoy following.  And we the Indians specially the inhabitants of North East India,  should be proud  to read and feel the success story of Mr. Paul Billy Graham as a dotcom era’s successful digital entrepreneur. We all must go at least once and visit his office to discover the potential of a young and aspiring lad of only 22 (twenty two) years. We will surely draw some inspirations from his unique innovative venture. Another feather has been added to Chrometechny.com is the recent launch of shopolova.com. A website for online shopping by the son of the soil of this state for the first time in this state of Tripura. As of today he has formed a board of Directors comprising of two more members. They are Miss Khakchangri Debbarma and Mr Chiranjit Das . Last but not the least, let it not be only our conviction to say that a “STAR IS BORN” in our  society, let it be a conviction of all. What a success in such a young age of 22 years. Mr Paul described the mantra of success as: “Its like digging a well.Once you reach the water table beneath the earth than the water available is unlimited”. So never give up in life.

Miss Khakchangri Debbarma and Mr Chiranjit Das.
(Mr Paul Billygraham with Miss Khakchangri Debbarma and Mr Chiranjit Das)

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