The Best Way To Protect Your System From Virus

The Best Way To Protect Your System From Virus
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A virus is a code that can affect your system and as a result you with malfunction into your computer system. The virus can come in contact with your system through online as well as offline. We have all heard about the hackers and their capability for hacking into your system. Their main weapon which uses to hack is the code. If you receive any codes through emails or any source, it may be, and once you click them, the virus will be activated. After the virus is activated, the virus will function as they hacker has programmed them to be.

As a result, many harmful viruses have been observed as Ransomware wanna cry. This virus has infected many of the computer systems this year. And mostly the big institutes and hospitals and also other intelligence department has been the victim of this virus. This result in demands for heavy ransom to the victims.

warning virus

But the matter is also true that only the older version of your computer system will be infected from such harmful viruses. So if you have upgraded your older system with the new ones, then you may be safe.  Well, the hackers were very clever too, for every new system they have a new virus to infect your computer surely. Hence you must be careful enough to take down any virus attack easily and protect your system from virus.

Here below are some of the best tricks that you must follow if you want to prevent any virus attacks. No matter how dangerous the virus it may be, with a slight upgrade in your privacy and security system can protect you from a harmful virus.

How to protect your System from Virus:

After many computers have been hacks by ransomware throughout the world, the windows system have put lots of upgrades in it which are actually far better than any other third-party antivirus software. So now you don’t have to purchase and install any other antivirus software for your system; all you need to do is activate your firewall and windows defenders and other security measures and your system is all safe from virus.

But this is not it here below we are going to discuss some of the hidden features of your PC which will help you feel easy and safe using your Windows PC. And all the System protection can easily be done using the following steps and inbuilt applications.

1. Activate your Windows Firewall: Window firewall is originally present on your Windows PC. They are auto-activated which will help you to block and prevent from incoming hackers attacks to your PC. Now when it comes to how to activate Windows Firewall and see the function or working process of Windows Firewall? follow the below given steps-

  • First of all, click on the start button
  • Enter the name Control and search it.
  • Now enter the Firewall in the search tools and search for it
  • Once found, click on the Check Firewall status to enter
  • Finally, you can see if the Firewall is activated on your system or not. Now check the features of the Firewall, like on which is enabled and which is not. You can also manipulate and make some changes by going into the Properties section of the antivirus.

Windos firewall

2. Activate Windows Defender: There are viruses and malware which always move freely through the internet, and such malware cannot be prevented when you are using the public internet. So it is advised to add the windows defender into your system to keep our PC protected.

Windows defender

The Windows Defender is easy to use in compared to another antivirus, it protects your system all the time. But the only thing is that you will have to update the windows defender at many intervals. You can also scan for virus using the quick scan or full body scan. And once they detect the virus, it automatically deletes them from your system and also block for further protections. So if you want to go to the safest side then this is one of the best options that you can have.

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3. Windows updates & Action Centre: After every interval windows updates their system. If you also have the notification in your action center, then you must make sure that you update the system. As these will keep your PC protected from many harmful virus and also will allow you to stay updated with the latest upgrades to the windows PC.

action center

When you are connected to the internet, you will encounter many upgrades displaying into the action right below on your tools bar. Just click on the action center to enter into update options. And once you click, they would activate directly to keep your security system upgrade.  All the updates and upgrades details will be provided.

Preventive measures to protect you System from Virus:

  • First and foremost thing that you must do is, check the Review your Computer status. To check these issues, go to the Start button from your home screen and open the Control panel, and next System and Security. Finally, click on the Review your computer’s status. Here you will see all the security system has been activated or not so that you can also activate them manually.
  • Now check the Windows Smart screen and User Account Control. On the user account control, you must add your name and photos and most importantly a password to open your system user account. And the Windows Smart screen will provide you all the defective signs which your device is facing.
  • Always keep your windows updated. As Windows PC system upgrades its platform every time for security purpose and you will have to make the updates manually. So you must check for the updates in the action center if it is available or not, and this will give you information of the latest updates.
  • You must always keep your Internet browser private. No doubt the internet is the main medium through which the virus can be delivered from one system to another. To activate some of the security systems into your browser to stay protected.

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A virus is something which cannot be killed permanently, after every interval a new virus is been discovered. And they are being used for extortion to the Windows PC users, as there are a massive number of Windows users. So for all of the Windows PC user, it is very necessary to keep their Windows security system secured to protect your System from the virus. Simply follow the procedure that we have shared and you will be safe from all kind of virus. This is all, if you are yet having any issues with any of the steps then you can comment us below.

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