Send Request Even You Are Blocked On Facebook

Send Request Even You Are Blocked On Facebook
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How to send request even if someone is blocked is one of the most searched topic for a long time. Most people want to know about it. The blocked issue may occur due to several reasons. In this article, we will go to discuss why people get blocked and how to send request even if someone is blocked. Let us know first what is Facebook? Why we use Facebook? Facebook is a social networking site. Facebook helps us to connect with our family and friends online and also help us to make new friends and connect with them virtually.

People around the world like Facebook so much that even there are already a lot of other ways to communicate online such as email, online messaging and so on. Once the user opens a Facebook account they need to make friends on Facebook, so they need to send a request to other users. It might happen that while sending a request to different users you might be blocked by for sending the request.

blocked facebook

It means if you are blocked by some user you will and that particle user will not be allowed to view or open each other accounts.  It can be due to several reasons. In this article, we will let a user know how to send request even they were blocked. Check out first why Facebook block someone from sending a request to certain users or particular users.

Why someone gets blocked from sending requests?

Someone may get blocked from sending requests for several reasons:-

  • It may be due to several past requests may have gone unanswered or were marked as unwelcome.
  • It may be due to sending a friend request to several people at a time.
  • It may be due to sending a friend request to unknown people or strangers. Facebook allows the user to send a request to only those people you have a real-life connection to.
  • It also may be due to sending a friend request to one user several times even they don’t accept request several times.

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How to send request even you are blocked?

Every Facebook user knows how irritating it is when Facebook blocks them from sending request when they try to send too many requests to people and they don’t accept it.

Even it is more hurting when a user badly wants to send a friend request to someone special or known people and the user is blocked by Facebook community. And the user only can do is to ask that person to send the request back which sounds so ugly.

blocked profile on facebook

Many Facebook user keep on asking when will someone come up with a trick to send requests even they were blocked. Let not worry anymore, we have come up with a new way and trick to send a friend request to your mutual and unknown people even if someone is blocked.

Steps to follow to send request even you block:-

  1. First of all, you will need to find out the email address of the Facebook user that you need to send a friend request.
  2. Now go to the contact page and add personal contacts as friends.
  3. Now even if you are blocked, you can send a friend request using the email address.
  4. We also have a quick and easy way to send a friend request to a lot of friends when you are blocked by Facebook community.
  5. Now open notepad file and copy paste all email address of friends or Facebook users you like to send the request.
  6. Now you have the save that notepad file using the .vcf extension.
  7. This notepad file will be your contacts of Friends email address.
  8. Now go to the Add Personal contacts page and click on the last option where you will find uploaded contact file.
  9. Browse the .vcf file and upload given link above from your Facebook account.
  10. All friend request will be sent to given email address on your friend list automatically.

To make sure that this trick really works to send a friend request when you were blocked, one of our research team members went on and got himself blocked for two days and then they follow above steps and find those work correctly.

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As a Facebook user, it people finds themselves painful when sending friend request have been banned by Facebook. Only because of sending a friend request to unknown people or any strangers.

It happens because of sending a friend request to a person who is marking you “not knowing outside Facebook” and other spams. This blockage does not allow blocked user to send a request for a period of time which may vary from 1 days to 30days. A blockage also depends upon numbers of mistake user is doing again and again.

When it comes to a user like sellers or businessman who sell product via Facebook caused them a huge loss. Even normal Facebook users face difficulties in sending a new request to friends.

We hope this article will help a lot of Facebook users who were blocked by Facebook from sending request even he/she is blocked. Just you need to follow following steps to send a request to friends and unknown person even if you were blocked by Facebook for send request. All this step were check by our members and then we came to a point how to solve this issue and finally we succeeded. It will help that user who really wants to send a request or wants to get connected to people or user in business or selling products or someone really important. Please do not forget to send us feedback about this article really helps you or not.

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