How Can You Shut Down A Computer Forever

How Can You Shut Down A Computer Forever
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Nowadays Computer became one of the parts of our life. It is one of the easiest ways to get our work done not only that it also used in communicating purpose, for writing articles, drawing, presenting PowerPoint presentation etc. The computer can do everything easily and works faster than anything else.

The computer helps us in many ways but today in this post we will discuss Shutting down a Computer forever. You might be shocked enough by this topic that for what reason you will shut down your computer without any problems. But to clear your doubts we have brought this topic in front of you is just to know for the knowledge purpose of if you want to shut down a computer forever.

(Note: – Do not try it on your computer. If you want to try this then try with a virtual machine, for example, Vmbox or Vmware)

How to Shut Down A computer forever:

We have provided this topic only for the knowledge purpose not other than that. You can use this process when your computer does not work and of no use then can shut it down forever by following the step below.

First step: Coding

In the first step, you will need to make a file with all kinds of Shutdown commands, after that you will need to paste it to startup. Go to notepad; open it to write the batch script as:

@echo off


Shutdown –s –t 00 –c “permanent Shutdown”


Coding in the first part

Save the above batch script for further use to shut down your computer forever.

Second Step: Save it as .bat

save it as a .bat file

In this step, you will need to save the batch script. Save it by following the instruction given below:

  • First, you will need to go to file from your computer.
  • Save the file name as Permanent Shutdown.bat.
  • And then start saving it by clicking on the save button.

Permanent Shutdown.bat has been saved successfully to your file.

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Third Step: Send to Desktop

By following the above step you have saved successfully but now send your saving file to the desktop by following the steps one by one from below.

  • First, you will need to find the file that you have saved on your computer.
  • After that tap right click to send the file.
  • Now start sending the file to your desktop.
  • It will be easy for you to get the file.

These are the steps to send the file to the desktop. Now go to the next step.

send the file to desktop

Fourth step: Go to Startup Folder

From the above steps you have got the batch file now to startup on your computer you will need to follow certain steps. Below we have provided the steps following it.

  • The first thing you will need to do is to go to the start button.
  • Then from the start button go to All Programs.
  • Now click on the startup from All Programs.
  • Tap right click to get the startup folder.
  • Open it and start drag and drop file of Permanent Shutdown from the desktop in the empty folder
  • After that, copy the batch file in the startup folder.

From the steps, you have copied batch file to startup now go to the next steps to complete computer shutdown forever.

get in to startup option

Fifth step: Restart

If you have been done with the above steps then restart your computer to see the changes. Your computer will not start like before and it will not work normally. If you try to startup automatically your Computer will get shuts down.

restart the system

These are the steps to shut down your computer forever. If you want to know the reason behind shutting down the computer again and again then below we have given some explanation read it to clear your doubt.

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Your computer immediately shuts down because when your computer startup it performs the batch file.

To know the explanation of the batch script read the post below to know:

  • .bat – which we have saved, is the indicator of making a batch file.
  • @echo off – helps in turning the command echoing features into on or off through which your computer start shutdown by following the command.
  • -s – It is the symbol that indicates your computer to Shutdown.
  • -t – It is the symbols that indicate the time duration to shut down your computer immediately and the timing to shut down your computer is 00 seconds.
  • Cls – it is the symbol that closes command quickly.

Above we have explained you the symbols of a batch script. So, these are the main reasons that help your computer to get shut down in a second. If you try to start your computer immediately it will shut down again and again.

Note- If your computer works well then it will be a suggestion for you to not to try it.

The computer we all use for to get our work done but here in this post, we have provided the steps for to shut down a computer forever just only to give knowledge about it. If you want to try then you will need to have a virtual machine, for example, Vmbox or Vmware, without this if you want to use the above steps then it will be a suggestion for you to not to use it on your computer. If you have any queries regarding the post then feel free to comment.

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