Getting a “learner’s permit” for the first time is exciting, and this is especially true for a new driver where he/she finally gets a chance to drive the family car.

This is a time filled with anxiety for the parents. Car insurance for the learner driver is required in all states as it bears benefits of learner driver insurance to make matters even more challenging.

For the family budget even this is an expensive proposition. Due to higher accident rates and fatal crashes prevalent in this group, teenagers are rated as the highest risk drivers on the road by the insurance companies.

The average cost of learner driver insurancefor teenagers is currently about $3500 nationally!

Requirements vary in most states even though learner driver’s car insurance is mandatory. For the instruction, requirements and benefits of learner driver insurance, the first thing to do is check with your agent before the new driver gets their permits.

The following are some points which need to be kept in mind about learner driver’s car insurance:

  1. Adding the teenage driver to the family auto policy is typically the best opinion and possibly the only option. Try to assign the new driver to an older, already paid for car where deductibles can possibly be increased and certain coverage’s can be reduced or eliminated to lower premiums in order to save money. Since they often try to assign the highest risk driver to more expensive vehicles to lower their risk, this strategy may not be possible with your insurance company but, it is possible.
  2. Collision and comprehensive coverage can be expensive on older vehicles. They can be dropped if you want to save money on premiums as these pay for damage to the auto that does not involve other drivers.
  1. Consider buying an older vehicle for cash and assigning the teenager to this auto for insurance purposes, such as the personal accident car insurance once drivers have completed the “learner stage”.

Premiums will still be expensive, but you may save more than the cost of the car as you may have the option of carrying only personal liability insurance and absorbing the risk yourself for any damages to the car.

  1. If your teenager achieves at least a “B” average in school, there are additional ways in which you can save money on learner driver’s car insurance which includes a Good Student Discount and is available with most insurers.

Before adding them to your policy which will most likely qualify for an automatic discount, you can also have your teen complete a defensive driving course.

You can save money by taking advantage of these strategies and all available discounts offered by your insurance company as learner drivers car insurance is in fact an expensive necessity.

There is every chance or possibility of the car getting involved in accidents when the driver of the car is quite young. They first need to have experience and proper guidance for doing anything.

You should get a young driver car insurance before letting your young son or daughter drive your car.

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