It has been highly controversial if one should focus on building organic traffic on their YouTube channel or should buy the viewers and subscribers. Some of the vloggers are following the former and highly successful, while others are gaining popularity following the later too. 

Well, there are pros and cons to both practices. The advantages of building organic traffic for your site are much higher than your option to buy YouTube views. Buying the views is just a quirk to speed up your progress and minimise your efforts. 


Buy Real YouTube Views Vs Building Organic Traffic:

Still attracted to progress within days on YouTube. Well, think wisely. 

Can you invest in an offline business, and get the investment along with profit within days? In all the ways, the answer would be a big NO. 

Then, how can you expect the same from your online business? 

If you ask in terms of legality, it is legal to buy YouTube Views. However, why most of us avoid buying the views is that the work is done forcefully. These views can be real, but you can never be sure that they are part of your target audience. 

If they do not belong to your target audience, then they are not helpful. It is because they will never subscribe to your channel, as the notifications will not interest them but will interrupt them. 

The second thing you can never expect the viewers who are forcefully paid, to watch your videos you upload in the future. So, in the long run, they will not be fruitful at all. 

On the contrary, the only drawback for generating the audience through different online marketing tactics is that it takes time. However, if you build 100 regular viewers over 2 months out of interest and you Buy Real YouTube Views that can be ten times more in two weeks, those 100 are always better than 1000.

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The audience who likes and subscribes your channel out of their choice will watch your content out of interest. Along with this, there are higher chances that they subscribe to your channel to receive the alert for your next upload. Again, if you maintain the quality of your content, your viewers will not only watch your videos, but they will share it amongst their friends too. It will automatically your present views, and for the future, your viewers and subscribers will be multiplied. 


In a Nutshell:

It is entirely your call if you want to buy real YouTube subscribers or views, it will not harm you much, but there are not many benefits out of it. You will end up losing your money. If you are looking forward to the temporary benefits, of course, it is helpful. 

Wise men will spend on new and advanced marketing tactics, implementing better content strategies to build their audience for good rather than following the temporary hacks. It is not a one-time task that you have 1000 views, and you win. It is an ongoing race that you have to run to stand amongst the toppers, not finishers. 


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