Casino gambling has become incredibly popular over the last 100 years especially, as gambling laws have gradually been relaxed across the world, resulting in an exponentially rising number of people enjoying the pleasures of gambling on games such as online slots, roulette or video poker – deposit and play now. These days the technology on offer across the worldwide gambling industry is top quality too, something that has made it an even more attractive proposition to people looking to engage in a spot of gambling.

This is a great thing for pretty much everybody involved in the modern gambling industry, however there are also some negatives to this huge industry expansion too. One of the main things is that there are now millions of beginner gamblers getting to grips with casino gambling, and this means that there are also a lot of silly bets being made at casinos, and a lot of money lost in the process. Read on for some don’t of gambling, and learn about some things you should really be avoiding. 

Don’t: Play American roulette 

Seriously, just don’t play American roulette, it simply isn’t worth it. And we’re not just saying that to be mean to the yanks, because what many people don’t realise about American roulette is that the odds of winning on it are half that on European roulette. It also means that the house edge whilst playing American roulette is double European roulette, so you can see why we advise you to avoid it. 

We are sure you are probably wondering what the reason why is now, and the answer is that there is one extra zero value on the American roulette wheel, which contributes to the increased house edge. So, if you find yourself in a casino with a choice between American roulette and European roulette we advise that you always choose American roulette. 

Don’t: Use the Martingale strategy 

Some gambling aficionados will constantly advocate using the Martingale bet strategy, however we really couldn’t advise against this enough, because for most people using the Martingale tactic will have seriously negative consequences on their bank account. This is because the Martingale betting system is a progressive betting system, which means your bet is increased after each losing bet. 

In fact, with the Martingale strategy gamblers are told to double their bet after each loss, with the view that your funds will be recouped any time you are lucky enough to win. Whilst this works on paper, most gamblers do not have the bankroll to support it regularly, so we would definitely recommend avoiding it. 

Don’t: Succumb to gambling addiction 

This sounds pretty simple, however many people actually end up succumbing to a gambling addiction before they have the chance to realise what they are actually doing. It is incredibly important to be able to spot the early warning signs of a gambling addiction, so if you find yourself unable to stop spinning those online slot reels, for example, it might be time to take a step back.

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