All moms and dads worry about their children, even if they are already adults. Every dad, or every mom wants to know if their kid is skipping school or not; whether he really went to visit a friend and not to walk in the streets; where he walks when he should be home.

Now there are so many ways to see your child’s location, from baby monitors to GPS systems.

What devices can be used to control the child and is it worth it?

Still, a child is a person who has the right to privacy, and total surveillance is disastrous. Let’s look at the latest technology in the world of child control.

Now it’s easy to watch the children.

Parents begin to monitor the safety of the child from a very early age. To do this, it was invented the simplest device for surveillance — baby monitor.

Baby monitor


Baby monitor-two “walkie-talkie”, one is placed near the child, the second is taken with him. The range is small. This is suitable for controlling the child who plays in the room while mom is cooking dinner.

However, now there are very advanced baby monitors. There are sensor readings of temperature and humidity, indicators of emotions of the child, video, and lullabies. All functions are activated from the remote control. But the range of such devices is small-about 300 meters. Can’t stray too far, you can only talk about neighbor.

Many parents need a device that can provide location coordinates at any distance. It is also important for parents to hear what is happening around their child. The best solution at the moment – kids smart watch that you can see here. This gadget combines small size and great functionality


Also, parents can install a regular video camera in the children’s room and attach it to the phone (or tablet). Usually such systems are purchased to control the nanny, to be sure that they are doing everything right with the child.

How to follow the schoolboy?

There are two main ways of tracking.

GPS-tracker and phone locator.

GPS-tracker, as a separate device from the phone, is quite inconvenient. It needs a long time to configure it to work without failures. In addition, these devices are often very large and require constant charging. Services to which location information is transmitted are often paid.

Another situation is if the GPS control goes through the smartphone (if your child has it). it’s better. There is a huge number of both paid and free applications.

There are also many different functions: besides the fact that you know where your kid is right now, you can see how charged the battery of his phone is, give an SOS signal to relatives and even connect the whole family to the program-so that everyone can know where mom, dad, grandmother and aunt are now.

Now you can follow the kid on the journey.

There are also several options.

ID-bracelets or tags — the easiest thing you can think of. Often a small child does not remember the phone parents, and sometimes cannot even give his name. Therefore, the child before visiting a public place is recommended to wear a tag or bracelet with detailed information: name, surname, address, name and phone number of parents, blood type, is not necessary to buy, such a tag can be made on their own.

Also for parents of the company offer beacons, they can be in trinkets, bags, Teddy bears. Usually they are easy to attach to the child’s clothes or bag. If the children are lost, the parents press the button on the device and the keychain gives a loud sound that allows you to find the child. But it works only within a radius of 50-100 meters. At this distance, the child himself can make a loud sound to find you.

Is it worth watching the children?

Do you think the parents themselves? Do I need to look after my child? We, of course, are not talking about the kids, for which you need to look exactly, and the students of secondary and high school. Are they where they were supposed to go? Do not lie? Nothing happened?

We have gathered for you the opinions of the “pros and cons” to get you acquainted with the arguments on both sides.

Yes, the children must be watched!

“Do not forget that you are responsible for child accidents. So you need to know where the child is. This will add to your peace of mind. When trying to police something to add to the incident of the child, especially not very controlled, it is better to have evidence in your pocket.”

“I agree that geolocation can be established, but it should be used only in the latter situation, and not out of curiosity.”

“Control over minors is the responsibility of parents.”

No, you don’t have to watch the kids!

“It’s better to build trust with a teenager and not follow his every step. Surveillance is needed for those parents who are trying to ensure the safety of the child without having a relationship of trust with him. ”

“I believe that parents do not have to hide behind good goals, but should be able to trust children and build relationships so that the child is not afraid to say anything, so that he can bring friends home, then their parents will know, communicate with the parents of the child’s friends – although some do not tolerate outsiders at home and do not communicate with other parents. ”

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