Festivals are just around the corner. And it’s no surprise that festivals in India are synonymous with updating home décor. Whether small or big every festivity in India starts with shopping, it might be for accessories, apparels, food treats and even home décor. As per Indian traditions, decorating home during festivals is believed to bring good luck and prosperity. So if you desire to accord your home a comforting and eye-catching appeal this festive season, consider investing in these décor ideas. 

Festival Home Decoration Ideas

  1. Think to Recreate: 

The festival itself brings grace to your home. While in order to make it more attractive introduce some tweaks to your previous home setup. For example, rearrange furniture, discard the old furniture pieces, and change the feel of furniture by updating its upholstery. This will add a fresh vibe to your home while elevating the sophistication. 

  1. Dress up your windows: 

Doors and windows make a huge difference in your home décor. To preserve the festive spirit and uplift your home décor, use window and door curtains. Draping your windows and doors with bright lacy or sheer curtains will instantly elevate your surroundings. Moreover, the curtains 

make your home feel airy while providing you privacy. 

  1. Framed patterned fabrics:  

This is the simplest yet most fabulous way to revive up the festive spirit. Get patterned fabrics and frame them with a mat. You have freedom to dig deep through your imaginations. You can almost do anything you wish. You can also create your own designs using fabric colors and get them framed as per your preference. 

The patterns can be floral, abstract, Bandhani, portrait or sequence. Be it design, color, pattern, or style, there are an array of options available at your disposal. The choice is entirely yours, get as creative as you can. 

  1. Play with bright colors: 

Incorporate some quirky décor items that don’t just infuse the hues of colors, but also brighten up your space. However, it is not compulsory to restrict your options to showpieces instead you can also opt for colorful king size bed sheets, cushion covers, pillows, sofa covers, and table cloth. The bright colors will enliven up your surroundings and will add festive sparkle to every corner of your home. 

  1. Floral Decorations: 

Flowers introduce a soothing effect. Therefore, it is wise to add them to your home décor. Fill your house with flower décor accessories such as flower pots or decorative plants. The vivid hues of flowers will amplify your home’s interior and will fill it with positivity. You can also transform your home’s look by placing around some indoor plants. 

  1. Smelling candles:

Calming and rich aroma in home attracts good vibes. As such, adding some pleasant smelling candles in your home will invite positivity. You can opt to place candles in different settings and at different locations to spread mesmerising aroma all around your home. The fragrance will soothe your senses and will also entice your guests joining you for festival celebrations. 

I hope these ideas help you spruce up your home to enlighten your festivals. 

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