40 matches of IPL 2019 are finished, and we are nowhere near to speculating the teams that might enter the playoffs. CSK, the strongest team in IPL is also struggling at the edge with 14 points. The team had lost two matches after getting to the position. The other teams MI and DC are next to CSK with 12 points followed by SRH and KXIP. KKR that was thought to be strongest after CSK with its repeated victories is now at the 6th position with 8 points. The team had lost four matches back to back after winning four consecutively at the beginning of the tournament. In the points table, KKR is followed by RR and RCB that hold just 6 points each.

While the points are a measure that can be used to predict the entry of the teams into the Playoffs, they can be wildly inaccurate given the nature of the game. The teams that reach 16 points will get an unequivocal entry into the playoffs, but if history has taught anything to us, it is that all the teams may not reach the required target and end up at 14 or 12 points creating a compulsion to take run rate into consideration. This can stir up any teams’ chances of entering the playoffs. Given the present state of the teams, it can be said that the teams that hold the top position in the points table currently (with the exception of CSK and MI) might fail to enter the playoffs. If so, which of the teams might? Here’s our prediction of which teams might enter the playoffs in IPL 2019.

Chennai Super Kings

CSK is closer to the playoffs than any other team. The Dhoni lead team had always been stronger in all IPL seasons and it had proved time and again in IPL 12 too. The team now holds 14 points and is just one victory away from entering the playoffs. It still has 4 matches to go and one victory is more than an easy task for the team.

Sunrisers Hyderabad

Though did not look so strong, Sunrisers Hyderabad put on a good show in IPL 12. Stumbling along the way the team had managed to secure 10 points by winning in 5 matches in the 9 played. The team has fantastic players like David Warner, Johnny Bairstow, Kane Williamson, Vijay Shankar, Rashid Khan, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, etc., who played key roles in its victories. Though the batting line up of SRH is largely dependent on the openers David Warner and Johnny Bairstow, given their present form, it might be safe to say that SRH might make it into the playoffs.

Kolkata Knight Riders

KKR is currently resting at the third position from the bottom but the team has a good chance of getting into the playoffs. KKR had played wonderfully since the beginning of the tournament and had some great victories. The team managed to defeat SRH in the first match, KXIP in the second, missed the victory by an inch against DC in the third, beat RCB and RR in fourth and fifth. It faced consecutive defeats in the next matches but all it takes is one match to get back into its original form. KKR still has 4 matches to play and there is a very good chance that the team will bounce back and make its way into the playoffs.

Delhi Capitals

With some surprising victories against teams like KKR, MI, and SRH, DC is a strong team that is close to the playoffs with its recent victory against RR. The team now holds 14 points and one more victory can make it qualify for the playoffs. The team still has 3 matches to play against RCB, CSK, and RR and given the team’s present form, it can easily make it to the playoffs.

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