Why one chooses a different city for a destination wedding? The reasons can be endless. Some you want to tell and perhaps some you don’t want to. But as a guess, we are telling you why a couple chooses a different destination city for their wedding. It is not the fixed idea but you can glance on and we guarantee that you find all them almost true.  Don’t take it personally!

You like the city: it is just a sudden of an idea or your imagination or a dream that you always see that you like a certain city in which you want to do your wedding. Why and what you like in a particular city, we can’t tell but perhaps it is the feeling or a connection you feel towards that city. That’s why you want to marry in that city.

Your love blossomed: many people go to a different city for a job and that city becomes their second home, where you see a girl and you get into with her and love blossoms between you and her. And in that city, your whole love story happens and gets framed. So what couple could forget the city in which their love story happened and blossomed!

Your job city: your job city in which you earn your first salary. Everyone feels the connection you know towards the city which you give you everything. Then we don’t think that you don’t want to marry in that city?

The above listed reasons could be the reasons why you want to choose a different city for your wedding but not fixed. As we say any connection a couple can feel. Perhaps your wedding budget is less there! Besides all that, there are experienced destination wedding planners in Udaipur that you can select for your wedding as per your requirements and budget if you want to make the city witness of your love.

But why I chose Udaipur for my wedding has a different story that I want to tell. And one of the main reasons for that it is the city where our love happened, mine with my husband. My name is Neha, a housewife, and stray dogs’ caretaker. I like to do it.

I came to the city for my job and have been here for five years, now living with my husband, Narendra. He is in government services, a civil engineer in a plant outside Udaipur in a village, which is some miles of distance from the city.

I came for a private job here in a private company as a business analyst. The company in which I was doing the job was a foreign company which recently set up its office in Udaipur. It had been one year I had been doing the job but got bored of it. Colleagues were there but felt homesick. Then suddenly from somewhere, I met Narendra, who one day suddenly came out from somewhere at the hangout place where we used to hang. It was in a small restaurant, our first meeting and the hangout place.

I was seeing him. He ordered food but didn’t have money to pay. He forgot his wallet and I went to his rescue saying the restaurant owner that put it on my tab. He thanked me and went away. He was in hurry. Next day he came to my office and to personally pay the money but he didn’t actually pay the money but took me for a cup of coffee. I liked this. He took me to the same restaurant where I used to hang out with office colleagues. We drank coffee there, and from that day and that restaurant, we continued it till our marriage.

The restaurant was the witness of our love and the city also. That was why we chose Udaipur city for our wedding while we were from different cities and still living here. Our wedding was one of the best beautiful memories of our life and it was beautiful because we chose experienced wedding planners from Shaadidukaan.com, which is an online wedding market.


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