The ducted air conditioning technology has turned out to be a great choice especially when regulating temperatures of different rooms in the same floor. The technologies are designed to consume different amounts of energy depending on the task intended to perform. There are some reasons ducted air conditioning Sydney is such a great technology.

Those that operate on low power that is less than 18kv can be run on two phases otherwise the rest require three line supplies. This mode of temperature regulation does not use large indoor units.

The vitality of installing air conditioning units is to ensure the favorable and relaxed environment in residential or commercial space that cannot be ignored. Air conditioning has become an extreme necessity be at home or office. That’s why the demand of air conditioning is rapidly catching up. Ducted air conditioning forms the best climate control solution for home or commercial space.

Ducted air conditioning cools the entire area and maintains the completely control temperature throughout the building. This form of air conditioning is absolutely perfect with the current life style as well as increases the property value. Here are top 5 reasons that ducted air conditioning is such a great technology.


Customers will rarely be 100% satisfied with the initial design. Designing by computer will allow you to easily modify and adapt your initial design to fit exactly to your customer’s wishes without having to complete redo hand design. Customer will almost certainly have constraints in mind that are not apparent from a simple house plan such as furniture placement and room layout.

Ducted air conditioning is cheaper

If you install an efficient and properly size ducted air conditioning system from reputed air conditioning dealers then you can save a considerable amount of money in long run on your power bills. Maintenance of ducted air conditioning system is simple and comparatively cheap than a window or split units.

Deducted air conditioning system offers elegant look for your home and at the same time cools it without all that noise which comes from window or split units. Maintenance on a ducted air conditioning unit requires a visit of a professional technician once in a year instead frequent visits of technicians each time for separate spilt/window units. Ducted air conditioning units are money savers as you can save on your electricity bills and make you feel comfortable all day long.

Ducted ac offers cooling throughout your home

A spilt air conditioner cools the specific area of the room. This means that you have to close the area that enhances the system’s effectiveness because split air conditioners are unsuitable if your home is in open.

It is completely impractical to install the spit ac unit in every single room. Ducted air conditioning cools off your entire house at the touch of a single button. This unit can be positioned in your home or room of the roof.

Ducted air conditioning units low the temperature prudently without offering an unpleasant icy blast right above your head. You don’t need to shut doors just to keep a particular area’s for temperature down.


Hand calculation errors are a thing of the past when using computer air conditioning design. Heat loads, duct lengths, and flow rates can all be calculated by machine faster and much more accurately than by hand. Your customers know this too as it will instinctively have more confidence in a design created by hand.

Ducted systems are flexible to install; you can get a ceiling or wall mounted ducts according to the nature of your property and its design. With the new models you can even install ducted conditioning systems in lower ceiling heights.

When it comes to maintenance, you only need to maintain one or two compressor units. If you have a ductless split system, you have to maintain a number of units equals to the number of rooms you have in your property. This decreases the maintenance cost remarkably.

Apart from above benefits most ducted units facilitate timer settings which enable you to preprogram and your air conditioner arrive on a pre-determined time. You can also do it with fully automatic for your air conditioner and operate from your smart hand set.

Ducted air conditioning perfectly matches with the people’s current lifestyle. Ducted air conditioners are still considered as high end luxury items which make the property look even more attractive.

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